Why Automation Matters

Today, anyone who’s been around a 3d printer knows that it is a highly manual process. A person must prepare the files for printing, load the correct material into the machine, operate the machine and finish the parts once the printing process is complete. While the rest of the world has moved towards automation, the field of additive manufacturing has not, leading to high costs, slow production and low possible production volumes.

This is why we founded RapAdd MFG.

During the past few years, we’ve been working hard on changing this 3d printing fact, bringing additive manufacturing into the 21st century. Through end-to-end automation on both the hardware and software side, we are able to offer additive manufacturing services at a fraction of the cost of current alternatives. Furthermore, through the productivity gains that come from automation, we can also deliver much higher quantity production compared to traditional options - usually additive manufacturing is cost-effective in quantities up to a few thousand units. However, with automation we can produce up to 100 000 copies of a single part (depending on geometry) before it is more economical to invest in injection molding tooling.

Are you ready to see what automated 3d printing can do for your manufacturing needs? Head over to our website (https://www.rapadd.com) to receive your free and instant quote!