Industrial FDM
3d Printing Service

Being our most automated technology, our industrial FDM 3d printing service is the most versatile manufacturing service that we offer. With a wide range of materials, from PLA to engineering nylons, flame-retardant filaments and PVDF plastics, we have the technology and materials to suit any additive manufacturing project.

Thanks to low costs and short lead-times, FDM printing services are suitable to be used both for one-offs and prototypes as well as for larger production volumes.

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Technology Overview

FDM is the most commonly available and versatile technology for 3d printing. It is a technology for additive manufacturing that works by extruding a plastic filament through a small, moving, nozzle in order to build 3d prints layer by layer.

Traditionally, items printed with FDM technology has been known to have inferior surface quality compared to other additive manufacturing methods, however, with new and more precise production equipment, this is a thing of the past.

Maximum dimensions for FDM items

380 × 380 × 380 mm

Industrial FDM Use-cases

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Rapid Prototyping

With lead-times of just 1–2 days and a low starting price for any quantity, FDM is an ideal technology for producing both prototypes and end-use products.

  • Short lead-times
  • Low prices
  • Large material portfolio
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Design Verification

Quickly produce items for design verification of your products and verify their properties in rigid or flexible materials.

  • Rigid and flexible materials
  • Fast turnaround
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Volume Production

No tooling required, short lead-times and a wide range of materials and colours available. FDM is a perfect choice for short and medium production runs.

  • Volume discounts
  • No tooling costs
  • RAL colours available

Our FDM Machinery

All of our FDM production is managed by a custom-designed, fully automated production system, producing part-quality far exceeding that of machines made by market-leaders such as Stratasys and Ultimaker. With more than 50 printers available for 24/7 production,we use industrial technology to produce large production runs of end-use products within just a few days, or prototypes and one-offs within a few hours.

FDM Materials

We carry a very wide range of FDM materials, from simple PLA to potent PVDF via carbon-fiber infused nylons and polycarbonates. While not all materials are available via our 3d printing service’s instant quoting system at the moment, feel free to reach out to us if you are looking for a material that isn’t available on our website yet.

PLA material card image


One of our most commonly used thermoplastics.

ABS material card image


Our go-to material used for everything from prototypes of mechanical assemblies.

PC material card image


One of our strongest materials offered, perfect combination of mechanical properties and temperature stability.

ASA material card image


Similar properties to ABS but with better UV resistance. Suitable for outdoor use.

TPU material card image


Our most flexible materials. Bends and deforms without breaking.